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The Perfect Fit

Every body is different, and there is only one of you. Your shape is unique, your style is all your own, and you have preference of how your clothing should fit you. It’s obvious why we are almost never satisfied with anything that is “one size fits all.”

Jeans are a special article of clothing – everyone has a favorite pair that makes them look and feel their best. That favorite pair has the perfect fit. That pair that hugs you in all the right places, and flatters your shape all over. The fit that makes you feel as if you’re strutting down the runway when you’re walking down the sidewalk. This pair of jeans was made for you, and you were made for the jeans. You bring out the best in one another.

You might search your whole life for your soul mate, the perfect match for you. And what a feeling it is to find your denim soul mate – the jeans that complete you like no other!

So, what components make up the “perfect fit?” It takes a lot to be considered “perfect.” The perfect fit is a symphony of well-tuned sensoria.

The first of these components is the fit of touch. The material should be absent coarseness or rigidity. Your jeans should feel soft and luxurious, inside and out, and your tactile senses should feel at ease.

Second is the fit of hug. Your denim should hold you in at all the right places, and help mold the optimal shape for your body. Your jeans will flatter you as much as you flatter your jeans.

While hug is an important component of a perfect fit, a corset is not a perfect fit. Which is why comfort is the next element, and is equally as important. Your jeans should be comfortable, and you should be able to feel relaxed in them all day long. You should never need to sacrifice the pleasure of comfort for a divine shape. Your perfect fit will provide you with both.

The fourth component is the fit of look. Your jeans must look good. When you look in the mirror, your perfect fit smiles back at you. Your perfect fit makes you look like a supermodel, and as if that pair of jeans was created to look best on you.

Lastly, the arguably most important ingredient for the perfect fit is the fit of butt. Your butt will look lifted and hugged, without constricting you. How your derrière looks is the ultimate test, the final stamp of approval.

To attain all give of these components is to attain all five of infinity elements of nature. Touch is soil, hug is tree, comfort is water, look is metal, and butt is fire. This emphasizes the importance of each element is achieving the perfect fit.

When it comes to creating the perfect fit using hemp fabric, some might be disadvantaged, as hemp is naturally scratchy and coarse. However, Alkhemist Hemp Incorporated Jeans harness the rigidity and durability of hemp’s fibers while maintaining the five elements of a perfect fit.

Alkhemist Hemp Incorporated Jeans hold the key to both the perfect fit and planet-saving sustainability.

Alkhemist Hemp Incorporated Jeans combine the best of hemp’s qualities and the style, shape and comfort of James Jeans. The dry-aged denim resin process, invented by James Jeans, creates a softer, vintage feel from an otherwise coarse hemp fabric. Additionally, James Jeans are designed on a 3D body, and not by using a computer-aided designing and drafting (CADD) program. Doing so creates a pair of handcrafted jeans built more precisely to perfectly fit your unique body.

Alkhemist takes a huge initiative for sustainability by incorporating hemp fabric into denim jeans. Alkhemist has recognized and defined their planetary obligations, and using hemp fabric was the best choice as a quality material and as an eco-friendly option.

Hemp is a much greener option that its commonly used counterparts. Hemp requires 50% less water than cotton, and creates half the carbon footprint as cotton. Furthermore, hemp does not need herbicides or pesticides, and does not require irrigation.

Additionally, industrial help can be used in bioremediation, which helps to remove harmful toxins and pollution from Earth’s soil.

Later in its lifetime, as a pair of jeans, its anti-odor and anti-bacterial properties contribute to its eco-friendliness. It is a “rule” of sorts for denim-lovers to go as long as possible without washing their jeans in order to preserve the denim’s integrity, and because a large amount of water can be saved by not washing your jeans after each wear. While this sounds like a gross concept, hemp’s anti-odor, anti-bacterial and breathable self-cooling properties help prevent the build up of mold, mildew, bacteria, and smells. Hemp is a very durable textile, so you can expect the shape and feel (read: the perfect fit) of your jeans to hold up through your many wears and few washes.

As informed and responsible global citizens, we have the duty to make sure that the Earth we inherited from our forefathers and will pass down to our children is in the best shape possible. Thinking about the future well being of our planet, incorporating hemp into our jeans was an important first step towards a better environment.

Alkhemist Hemp Incorporated Jeans are the marriage between the perfect fit and an eco-friendly clothing option. With the innovation of such a high quality pair of jeans, you never have to sacrifice any components of the perfect fit. Find your match made in denim heaven and support what’s best for the planet.

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